You may be in need of a motorcycle and choosing what to settle for may be a problem. You need to know the best models from which you can choose.

Best motorcycle brands


This is the world’s leading manufacturer of motorcycles. Honda is from Japan and has gained popularity in the Asian markets. It is estimated that Honda sells up to fifteen million motorcycles every year. Other than dominating the Asian market, Honda is also very popular in North America.


Another top bestselling motorcycle is the Ducati which is manufactured in Italy. They are mainly used as sports bikes. Most of the revenue is goes to racing business. Ducati belongs to Audi and Lamborghini which is its subsidiary.


It has been viewed as a legend bike because of its exhilarating riding experience in the 20th century. It is familiar to almost everyone, even those that have never had a ride in their lives.


Kawasaki is a heavy industries company that gained recognition as a manufacturer of various bikes ranging from small bikes to sports bikes. Since they have reliable and powerful engines, they are people’s favorite. They also have the capability to develop great speeds. Kawasaki is produced in Japan, Indonesia, Thailand Philippines and North America.


It is among the biggest motorcycles in Japan, commonly referred to as ‘the big four.’ Suzuki’s popular brand are the DR 400 and GSXR750 are some of the popular motorcycles by Suzuki. This company has production facilities in over twenty countries.


This is an Australian motorcycle manufacturer product that initially specialized in four-stroke and two-stroke off-road motorcycles. With time they have increased their product range to include dirt bikes, sports cars as well as street motorcycles. It belongs to Bajaj Auto limited, CROSS Industries and AG.

BMW Motorrad

This company is among the oldest manufacturers of motorcycles having made their first bike in 1923. They are famous for their road bikes, sports bikes, and sports-touring bikes. Brands like S 1000 REFRIGERATORS, GS adventure and K 1600 are some of the popular models of this motorcycle


These bikes are known for an excyamahagdhfjkghlj;lhkgjfhdgfgtryutioyupikellent performance, comparatively easy handling, and ride quality. It is another motorcycle from Japan. Yamaha is equally a successful brand like its Honda counterpart.

These are some of the best motorcycles from which you can choose if you want to purchase one. The kind of motorcycle you settle for depends on your needs.